DANIS TEAM DEVELOPMENT Program = the next step following the typical team building

DANIS Methodology for a Team Development Program is based on group coaching techniques and principles. Therefore, this service represents the next level to the traditional concept of team building. Our Team Development sessions address the team’s real issues, developing / building suitable solutions. In summary, we are mostly interested in what teams gain, as well as in how much fun they have.        

A detailed prior needs assessment ensures relevant exercises and activities for the Team Development session. The follow-up meeting, after a few weeks, is designed to monitor the team’s progress in addressing the identified priority needs.   

The Team no. 1 Program is based on a core principle: an organization’s top management team is the key factor that contributes to organizational development. Employees turn to this team in order to confirm their work, their decisions, and their attitudes, according to what they see in the company’s Team no. 1.    

DANIS consultants will support top managers to address identified needs, using specific coaching techniques. We will assist the top-management team in clarifying their core values, in finding a common path in their strategic approaches, and in improving cooperation and communication among team members. As a result, a healthy and efficient approach to work should cascade top-down to the next hierarchical levels.

”EQteam”  Program – The Emotional Intelligent Team

The impact of this Program on the relationships among team members will be surprising!

”Our organizational life is split into <before> and <after> this program”, Dana Chioran, Romania Operational Manager, RoskoTextil, member of DBAppareil Group.

This Program represents a profound alternative to classical team buildings, in which participants become aware and cultivate their Emotional Intelligence in order for the team to have stronger and more resilient relationships, based on collaboration.   

The whole team is involved in a 2-day Program in which they attend: training sessions – to clarify EQ concepts and techniques; applicative workshops (using EQ techniques for improving relationships such as empathy practice, recognition and interpretation of emotions etc.); evaluations of EQ abilities; game-like exercises with an “emotional load”. 

Do you have a specific, critical situation in your team? For instance:

  • Do disagreements among team members significantly affect performance?
  • Do team members take action according to their own, not according to the team’s criteria?
  • Is information flow incomplete or late, leading to significant delays?
  • Do team members seem against everything, having little initiative, work engagement, or team spirit? 

DANIS Workshops help you analyse, in an intensive manner (no more than 4h), the problems that hinder teamwork, in order to find specific solutions to put into practice starting from ... yesterday!