Managerial Performance Evaluation system

During our experience in working with organisations and, particularly with managers – “the performance engine” in any company – we have developed a specialised, targeted know-how regarding the evaluation and development process for specific leadership / managerial competencies. We have also learnt that standard, ”off-the-shelf” solutions are not necessarily suitable or relevant in a new situation or in a new company. Therefore, we believe that tailored solutions, specifically designed for every company, are the most viable ones. Regarding this particular service, Danis consultants offer:

  • consultancy for designing your own Managerial Performance Evaluation system, which will be relevant for your organization;
  • assistance for implementing the Managerial Performance Evaluation system (through workshops, one-on-one coaching and counselling activities with key decision-makers);
  • consultancy for incorporating performance review procedures with the reward management system;
  • assistance for including organizational values as a criterion in the Managerial Performance Evaluation system (based on research studies that emphasize the importance of the congruence between personal and organisational values).

"A clear example of professionalism and innovation. Danis shows a deep understanding of the client’s needs and really adapts every programme to the client’s situation. The working climate is open, facilitating self-knowledge and increases in individual and team performances. I am certain that Danis Consulting is one of the most important players on the market, in terms of management consultancy.”Sorin Harabagiu, Plant Manager, URSUS Breweries

The ”MENTOR” Program – know-how transfer through mentoring

The MENTOR Program, which can last up to 5 months, consists of a series of planned, structured activities that facilitate knowledge transfer from experienced people, well recognized for their value in the organization, to less experienced employees, who can benefit from their know-how.  

“This Program took the development process to a higher level, by adding a personal component – which was extremely useful. The Program’s success depends both on the Apprentice’s interest in his development, and on the Mentor’s willingness to help. For me, this Program was really helpful; such an initiative is worth being praised and integrated into the organizational culture.”   Mircea Badiu, Brand Manager,Apprentice in the MENTOR Program implemented in FrieslandCampina Romania.

The MENTOR is rooted in our strong belief in two key principles: 1. Practical learning ”on-the-job learning” or ”learning-by-doing” is an efficient way to develop employees’ potential. Mentoring is one of these practical methods and it has been proven, from our experience in several companies, to have immediate and sustainable results. 2. Every organization has a memory”, consisting of valuable employees’ experiences and expertise, where there is a collection of knowledge, critical incidents, and learnt lessons; unfortunately, they are not fully used and, sometimes, they are even lost. This valuable know-how is essential for organizational growth and efficiency. Therefore, it is worth being incorporated into structured Programs.        

DANIS service for organisational restructuring is suitable in situations when there is proof that the current organisational structure and design are incongruent with the company’s objectives. For example, this can be the result of a strategic planning process, when it becomes evident that functions are no longer up-to-date, responsibilities are unclear, or the number of positions is inappropriate etc.   

An important aspect that DANIS consultants take into account is raising the rate of acceptance of the new structure by the employees, in order to support and successfully implement the desired changes. Union involvement (if it is the case), employees’ commitment and top-down transparency are ways that ensured our previous Programs to have a maximum success rate.

According to the special situation of an organisation, we may provide several Restructuring services:

  • Organizational diagnosis: analysing the current situation in order to identify potential areas for restructuring;
  • Designing a new organizational structure, in accordance to the company’s strategic objectives;
  • Job analysis on several hierarchical levels in order to correctly identify specific responsibilities for every position (including assistance for creating adequate job descriptions);
  • Employees’ assessment in order to match their skills, attitudes and experience with the new structure;
  • Designing development plans for employees in order to increase the match between their professional, personal profile and the new organizational structure. 

Organizational culture development

Organizational culture consists of behavioural norms, employees’ attitudes, decision making and working styles, commonly known as “this is how things are done around here”. It has subtle, yet profound influences on employees’, teams’ and organisation’s performance.   

DANIS services dedicated to organisational culture consist of a series of guided workshops, consultancy and counselling sessions for different levels of decision-makers and for a wide range of employees, in order to achieve one or more of the following steps - depending on the organisation’s stage of development:

  • Establishing the desired organisational values – the ”pillars” of every company;
  • Sharing the organisational values to the employees in order for them to reach a common understanding;
  • Transforming these values into visible and measurable behaviours – for all employees to know how to apply all these aspects into daily work activities;
  • Reaching a critical mass of employees that authentically live according to the organisational values, in every moment of their daily work activities and decision making.   

Consultancy for Organizational Change

During organizational change – either in mergers and acquisitions, in management and leadership change, in technological investments, or in procedural changes etc. – the desired results will be obtained if and only if a critical number of employees sustain and even contribute to this change. Resistance to change, rejecting new habits and procedures and defending old ones are the greatest dangers that can significantly affect successful change implementation.

Danis consultancy service for organizational change management helps decision-makers:

  • to analyse the present situation, in comparison to the desired one, in order to assess the gap and the potential risks;
  • to establish an efficient action plan, in order to raise the success rate of that particular change and to reduce resistance to change;
  • to facilitate a series of workshops, to create  „task-force” groups, and to provide Change Management training sessions so that the final results meet be the desired ones.  

”One of the key factors that successfully contribute to Danis’s competitive advantage is the belief that any project they undertake is going to have good results. Even in the case of a completely new project, I am convinced that, due to all their analyses and methods, it will be a success.” Carmen Nicula, HR Director, FrieslandCampina România