Our individual coaching service is suitable for people in management positions or in other positions that involve high levels of responsibility. Coaching is a modern technique, highly efficient for adult learning and development. DANIS consultants will accompany a particular person in their quest for development, offering guidance and support for a certain amount of time that both parties have agreed upon.    

DANIS consultants have been formed as professional coaches at Roffey Park Institute, Great Britain, and at Kustchera Institute for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Austria.  

Group coaching – using the method of Self-Managed Learning (SML)

DANIS group coaching sessions are based on a modern technique for developing adults, known as Self-Managed Learning. This method has several distinguishable characteristics: 

  • It facilitates learning at an accelerated rate, focusing on real problems – consequently, immediate practical results emerge.
  • It is a suitable alternative for people who have a significant experience and who have participated in traditional training sessions, who are, nevertheless, continuously interested in personal growth and development.  However, if the group lacks specific knowledge and skills, they can benefit from prior training sessions.  
  • Groups of 4-5 people are organized, each group being guided by external consultants. The consultants’ role is to offer guidance and to facilitate learning – similar to coaches; group members also support each other. Each group will attend ”SML meetings” – structured as group coaching sessions.
  • The recommended length of such a Program is approx. 3 months.    

This Program is based on the approach that all managers are crucial for the professional growth and development of their subordinates. The Program’s structure – a combination of training sessions with practical workshops and simulations – allows participants to have a clear understanding of what managerial coaching is and to develop specific skills and abilities in order to practice coaching on a daily basis with their employees.  

This 2-month Program’s benefits go beyond the direct immediate results in terms of participants' skills: by implementing and exercising all the techniques in the real working environment, participants’ subordinates will also have the opportunity to develop themselves professionally. 

In order for a manager to understand and assume the role of a coach for his employees, we offer a 2-day training program in Managerial Coaching. By attending this Training session, participants:

  • will understand the difference between various methods for developing subordinates and will specifically understand what managerial coaching means;
  • will practice various abilities related to managerial coaching, in order to assess how suitable such a role is for themselves;
  • will make an informed decision whether to assume such a role and, if so, how to implement it into day-to-day relationships with their employees.