Do you remember the famous quote from The Leopard of Lampedusa: "We were the leopards, the lions. Now the time has come for the jackals and hyenas” ?

Maybe it’s the first time after 1989 when we believe, with optimism, that this quote can be interpreted backwards. Maybe it’s the first time when, after 25 years of destruction, incompetence, malevolence and pretentiousness, that some signs of change appear. As Murphy said: "People use rational methods only after they have exhausted all others!”

The periodic meetings of the rectors from Cluj Universities, the advisory group of the former Ministers of Foreign Affairs, all these steps and, of course, many others show that something is changing, slowly but surely: the value of serious work is starting to be appreciated.


Obviously, a small company like us won’t be able to change everything in Romania. We don’t have this illusion. But we can do something at our level of impact. Organizational and managerial development, based on ethical principles, is more and more prevalent these days. The pressure for more responsible organizations, more concerned about employees’ life, is bigger and bigger. And the greatest hope comes from the young generation (Y now, Z tomorrow) which, as much as we criticize them, are much better than everything that has been so far.

So, please, do something, anything, so that you won’t accept mediocrity and helplessness. If we can all collaborate so that our common ideas are better heard, then the future sounds really good.