About Us

Since 1998 we have worked with companies, large or small, and with the people that make them alive. We place our services in the area of Management Development and Organizational Development. We are interested in finding ways in which organizations can give meaning, happiness and pride to their employees, so that they can come to work smiling every day. We have seen how important leadership is, at all levels, to make this happen. Therefore, most of our Programs address leaders in order to make them more effective and, at the same time, more responsible for their employees and for the entire organizational community .

The organizations we work with can be found at different stages of development - We wish to be present to support them, with all our knowledge and passion, through this journey towards knowledge and progress.


All employees must feel FULFILLED - with both good relationships and results at the same time.


We assist managers in organizations to become more efficient and more responsible towards themselves, towards their employees, towards their business partners and their community.

In order to be successful in our work, we rely on the latest international research which we apply creatively to our culture and to the local realities.


PASSION - we work with joy because we believe in what we do, we know that our work is important to many people, and that encourages us to overcome any obstacles and to show more flexibility towards others' demands.

PROFESSIONALISM - we are very good at what we do, we are constantly learning all that is new and relevant in our field; we are in a competition with ourselves, as we try to rise above our limits.

ETHICS and RESPECT - we build relationships based on honesty, legality and mutual respect (both among the employees and with all our partners - suppliers, clients, community); promises must be kept at all times

TEAM - this is our favourite way of working, within the firm as well as with our partners; openness, trust and support ensure long-term development.

Working Principles

  1. We start any intervention or organizational change process with a pertinent analysis.
  2. We involve the Top management in the whole process, being sure that this way the changes will be strongly supported.
  3. We ensure the entire change process is transparent; we usually work in a mixed team consisting of consultants and representatives of the client organization.
  4. We look for long-term professional relationships. Mutual trust creates bridges and leads to efficiency.
  5. Our work is based on ethics; this is why we define our objective to be the well-being of the client organization, without supporting groups or individual interests.